The Costs of Learning to Drive

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Learning to drive will cost you more than £1000. There is simply no way around this. You will have to pay for lessons, your theory test, your practical test, and other factors.

Costs that you need to consider:

  • Driving lessons
  • Insuring a car for you to practice in
  • The cost of your theory test
  • The cost of your practical test
  • The cost of applying for a provisional license
  • The cost of renting a car from your instructor during the theory test (Normally you are charged for 2 hours worth of lessons)

driving test

Choosing the right importance is incredibly important. Make sure that they are DVSA-registered—they should have a badge on their windscreen. A green badge is the only badge that you should accept and it should carry their photograph and an expiry date.

Talk to your potential instructor to check that you can get along. You will be spending around 25-30 hours together in a car—a good relationship will be beneficial for both of you.

Check the prices of lessons, and check if they have any bulk-buy discounts. Ask how they regulate their prices and their plans, if any, to raise them. This is because some companies raise their prices on January 1st of each year in line with—or above—inflation.

Driving instructors that offer 2 hour lessons are always a better investment. A one hour driving lesson is simply too short, and you’ll spend proportionally a lot of time ferrying backwards and forwards between home and your practice area.

Do not do intensive courses. They may seem like a cheap, quick alternative. But nothing beats months of daily practice. You’re not just driving to pass your test. You are driving to drive safely for the rest of your life. An intensive course could potentially risk not only your life, but also the lives of passengers and bystanders.


Remember that you must have passed your theory test before attempting the practical test. Theory test prices have recently been cut from £30 to £25. Your theory test certificate is valid for one year; within this time you must pass your driving test or resit your theory test.

Be flexible when booking your driving test. Try and book as early as possible, and be ready to be told that the date needs to be changed. Driving tests do not run during intensively poor weather conditions. Driving tests cost £62 plus the average rate charged by your instructor for a two-hour lesson—so try not to fail too many times; it’s expensive!

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