The Plague of Pesky Potholes

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In the United Kingdom since the recession, budget cuts have led to an increase in dastardly potholes. They’re appearing all over the place and they can cause a lot of costly damage.

If you have hit a pothole and it felt hard, then pull over as soon as is safe and check your tyres. Damage to tyres may not appear immediately.

Steering damage could lead to faults in your tracking. This occurs when the individual wheel is not centring adequately. Signs of poor tracking are vibrations in the steering wheel at high speed. The lower the speed that the vibration kicks in, the worse the damage to your tracking.

As long as you can prove that the pothole was at fault, you can claim back the cost of repairs to your vehicle from the Highways Agency. Unfortunately, if the Highways Agency was not previously aware of the pothole, you have no right to claim. However, if they knew about it because it had been reported previously, then you are entitled to claim back the costs of your repairs.


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